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Cafe Zurich, Barcelona

Cafe Zurich_Barcelona

The phrase “Quedamos en el Zurich” (“We’ll meet in Zurich”) is a popular call to see each other again and have a coffee together.

The coffee house is already 140 years old. It was founded in 1862 in the Sarriá district of Barcelona. Today the Café Zurich is centrally located on Plaça de Catalunya. The view of the hectic city life from the terrace on the busy square is fantastic. Getting a free table is difficult. At least in “normal” times. This meeting point is also currently being hit hard by the pandemic.

La Rambla in times of Corona

La Rambla_Barcelona_Corona

Here, where people push each other at normal times, there is an almost pleasant calm. La Rambla, the pulse of Barcelona, ​​is no longer beating. The mood is anything but calming, almost ghostly. Everyone is waiting for the lockdowns to end. La Rambla with its cafes, jugglers, artists and flower sellers makes no difference either.

Industrial Heritage and a lost place

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Recently I visited the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord with its great historic industrial treasure. It is a paradise for all lost places seekers and photographers who want to get awesome motives. The Landscape Park Duisburg Nord attracts an average of one million visitors a year and is one of the most popular natural and cultural landscapes in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Since 1994 nature, industrial heritage and a fascinating spectacle of light have combined to form a park landscape unlike any other in the world. The British daily newspaper “The Guardian” chose the park as one of the ten most beautiful urban oases in the world.

At the moment all attractions and restaurants at the park are closed but you can wander around with your camera and take photos. Right now there is the advantage that the park is not crowded with people.

The last song of the whales, Golden Bay


It was one of the biggest whale tragedies in the history of New Zealand. It happened in early February 2017 at Golden Bay in the North of the South Island. As a documentary photographer I was travelling around New Zealand. I was there by chance, just at the right moment. I drove up to Golden Bay and met the environmentalists of Project Jonah, a local NGO for the protection of the whales.

I was very touched by the great and unselfishly dedication of those people. Within hours they came from all parts of the country to help the stranded whales and support them with water from the ocean. Sadly about 300 grind whales were dying during the next hours and days. The environmentalists could save about 100 whales by pulling them back to the open water, 19 of it swam back to the beach and died too.

I was lucky to meet Brent Hartshorne from the Department of Conservation (DOC), who drove me along the locked beach to the whales so I could take pictures and report about that tragedy. There is no explanation for the dying of the whales. “Maybe they lose orientation. Whales are very social animals. When the female matriarch is sick and swims to the beach the whole flock will follow her. Out of loyality”, explained Brent. “Normally one or two whales die here every year but not to such an extent.” The mystery of the whales will continue but the environmentalists of Project Jonah won’t give up. Not today and not tomorrow. They will be there again, trying to save and protect the marine mammals also in the future.


The Art of Driving, Bangkok

Tuc-Tuc Bangkok (Large)


A sunset is nothing less than a glimpse into universe

Klong Dao Beach 2-Thailand (Large)


Chinatown Celebration, Bangkok

People in the Chinese New Year2 (Large)


Durian Fruit Seller, Bangkok

Durian seller-Bangkok (Large)


Sunset, Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach 3-Thailand (Large)


Happy New Year, Bangkok

Different people celebrating The Chinese New Year 1 (Large)